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Taoist talisman

Taoist Amulet  and Talisman

Blessed amulet and talisman provided by five major temples in Taiwan. Six-character Mantra Jingfu and Taoist talisman for warding off evils. 

Guanyin Talisman

Guanyin Jingfu, also known as "Six-character Mantra Jingfu", is a kind of talisman used in Taoism, Buddhism, and Chinese folk beliefs. It has the function of warding off evil. Guanyin Jingfu is a common folk amulet in Eastern countries. It is easy for believers to travel abroad, work in special places, or go to cemeteries and funeral homes. They are easy to be infected with evil spirits. They are worn to ensure safety. They are widely used in funerals. .


Taoism Talisman

The method of using Taoist Promise Jingfu is the same as Guanyin Jingfu: Hanging, carrying, and purifying water "yin and yang water", the effect is the same. In addition, it is often used to call on related gods. The believers can drive away the evil spirits attached to the believers, so that the believers can restore the healthy three souls and seven souls to improve the health of the mind and body, and the fortune is smooth.



In Eastern folk beliefs, amulets can bring good luck to the owner or protect the owner, so that he can avoid bad luck and ghosts. Different human races have different beliefs in amulets according to their own cultures. The Chinese Taoist talisman is the main amulet of China and Asian countries. Amulets are used for different purposes, but this website only sells peace amulets representing palaces and temples in Taiwan.
The amulet obtained from the temple is a token that symbolizes the gods in the temple, and it also has the power of spells. If the believer encounters a crisis and there is no nearby god to protect him, the temple god will sense it through the peace talisman, and use the peace amulet to protect the believer's body. And this rune is a symbol of the gods and can deter evil spirits.

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