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Weighted Hula Hoop

3D trademark intellectual property right Sports Hoop® are weighted hula hoops specifically designed for adult waist slimming, burn calories, enhance weight loss. Weighted 3-6 lbs.


Intellectural Property and Patented Design

Sports Hoop, Innovation into results!

sports hoop
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Sports Hoop® Series

Sports Hoop® products are weighted hoops specifically designed to help you slim your waist, stimulate your muscles, burn calories, enhance weight loss, and improve cardiovascular health.
The rotational motion from exercising with a hula hoop promotes body alignment and correct posture. Sports Hoop can be included into your fitness routine to add variety and incorporate some fun to your workouts, or simply as a way to get into better shape and better health.

Sports Hoop® unique designs are heavier and wider than traditional hula hoops.
The added weight carries the hoop motion with your waist movement, and intensifies the muscle stimulations proportionally to your strength output.
The large diameter hoop allows you to exercise intensely for longer period of time. The large diameter reduces the effort to spin the hoop at fast speed and at the same time, you receive a greater exercise from intense movement.

Acu Hoop

The Acu Hoop® series is one of our signature hoops with advanced patented wavy-ridged design. The wavy ridges provide concentrated force that intensely stimulates the core muscles. The wavy ridges work to stimulate your core muscles and tone your stomach, back, gluteus and hip muscles. The muscle stimulation intensity scales with the hoop movement; the more powerful Acu Hoop® spin around your waist, the greater intensity.

sports hoop

Trim Hoop

The Trim Hoop® series has a smooth plastic pipe design with a foam rubber padding exterior which allows users to exercise comfortably. The muscle stimulation from the hoop is spread out evenly for people who are looking for a less intense but longer duration hoop workout.

Trim Hoop

Power Hoop

The Power Hoop® is designed for maximum durability and advanced muscle stimulation. The wavy ridges are firmer compared to the Acu Hoop® model, providing more intense muscle stimulations. The Power Hoop® series is specifically designed for athletic and performance training, ideal for experienced users.

power hoop

All Sports Hoops® are easy to assemble, disassemble and can be easily transported or stored.
Please follow the instructions carefully. Misuse of this product may cause serious injury. Due to the intensity of this exercise directed to the abdomen and other muscles, some new users may experience muscle soreness and/or bruising during the first two weeks of use.

People who are pregnant, have spinal injuries, are cancer patients or have other health conditions are prohibited from using this product. Using Sports Hoops® products with any medical condition is prohibited and its misuse may cause serious injury.
If you have any health problems, please consult with your health care professional prior to use.

DO NOT USE for more than 20 continuous minutes.
DO NOT USE more than three times in one day.

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